How do I put on and/or wear a corset?

Putting on and wearing your corset is easy!

  • First, you'll want to make sure you've put on any hosiery or stockings you plan to wear before putting on your corset. If you are wearing your corset as part of an outfit, put on your pants or skirt and your shoes if possible.
  • Loosen the laces on your corset to allow plenty of room for your waist and bust, and then unzip or unhook the front or side opening, depending on the corset you have selected. Then wrap the corset around yourself and fasten the opening.
  • Once the corset is on, tighten the laces until the corset is tight but comfortable and then tie the laces in a bow to secure them. We recommend having someone assist you with this step.
  • Once your corset is properly cinched and tied, you may trim off the excess lacing if you so desire. Be sure to leave enough lacing so that you can loosen the corset again when you are ready to take it off!
  • To take your corset off, make sure to loosen the back lacing before unfastening the front.
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